What’s the difference between F1 and F2 terminals?

In this post, we will show you a comparison of F1 and F2 terminals.

The most common sealed lead acid batteries (SLA) use blade connectors. These are a single wire connection using a flat ‘blade’ which is inserted into a receptacle. Usually, both the connector and receptacle have wires attached through soldering or crimping. Sometimes, pushing the receptacle onto the blade forms a connection.

These connectors come in two sizes: F1 and F2. F2 terminals are slightly wider than F1 terminals. There are terminal clips available to convert an F1 terminal into an F2.

Here are some comparison images (enlarged for clarity) showing the sizes of the terminals:

F1 Terminal

F1 Terminals are 3/16″ (0.187″, 4.8mm) wide.

F2 Terminal

F2 Terminals are 1/4″ (0.25″, 6.35mm) wide.

Terminal Adapters

There are adapters to convert F1 terminals to F2 terminals and F2 terminals to F1 terminals. These are small blades that fit right over the battery’s terminals. They are inexpensive and can save you some money if your battery is the right size for your application, but the connectors need a different sized terminal.

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