How to safely jump start a battery with booster cables

  • Always wear proper eye protection.
  • Never lean over the battery.
  • Do not jump start a damaged battery. Inspect both batteries before connecting booster cables.
  • Be sure battery vent caps are tight and level (if applicable).
  • Make sure both vehicles are turned off before jump starting. Do not turn on the assisting vehicle at any time during the jump starting process.
  • Make certain that the vehicles are not touching and both ignition switches are turned to the “OFF” position:
  1. Connect the positive (+) booster cable to the positive (+) terminal of the discharged battery.
  2. Connect the other end of the positive (+) cable to the positive (+) terminal of the assisting battery.
  3. Connect the negative (-) cable to the negative (-) terminal of the assisting battery.
  4. Make a final connection of negative (-) cable to the engine block of the stalled vehicle, away from the battery.
  5. Start the stalled vehicle. Leave the assisting vehicle turned off.
  6. Remove the cables in reverse order of connections.