Just Arrived: Power Sonic Hyper Sport Pro Lithium Batteries

We are proud to announce we are now stocking select lithium batteries from Power Sonic from their Hyper Sport Pro line. These are premium batteries for all Powersport applications, such as motorcycle, scooters, UTVs & ATVs, and personal watercraft. We are offering these batteries at great prices with free shipping.

About the Hyper Sport Pro Series

The Hyper Sport Pro series are made for Powersport enthusiasts who demand the very best riding experience. With a combination of its Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry and its active battery monitoring, these batteries offer 4 times longer life, 4 times faster charging, at 4 times less weight. More power, better starts, at a fraction of the weight.

At the center of every Hyper Sport Pro lithium battery there is an integrated active management system that monitors and reacts to a variety of different situations: changing voltages, currents, and temperatures to maximize your battery’s performance, life, and safety. With the push of a button, conveniently located on the top of the battery, you can see a fast, accurate state of charge.

The Power Sonic Hyper Sport Pro is one of the safest lithium batteries available and is a ready to go replacement & upgrade from lead acid, AGM, and gel batteries.

What are the key benefits for Power Sonic Hyper Sport Pro batteries?

  • Ultra-lightweight – up to 4 times lighter than equivalent-sized lead-acid batteries. For example, the PALP-20LHY weighs 3.2lbs. Our Big Crank ETX-20L (our most popular 20L size battery) weighs 17lbs. That’s 13lbs lighter!
  • Faster charging – charges up to 4 times faster than lead-acid batteries.
  • Maximum cycle life with over 2,000 recharging cycles.
  • Can be mounted in many positions (except upside-down).
  • Long shelf life with very low self-discharge.
  • Integrated active management systems keeps the battery safe.
  • Upgrade to original equipment – meets & exceeds OE specifications.
  • Easy fitment – Simply install and you are ready to go.


Item #: PALP-14HY
12.8 Volt / 48 Wh (3.75 Ah) / 280 CCA
• Dimensions: 5.90″ / 3.42″ / 5.70″
• Warranty: 2 Year
Price: $149.95
Item #: PALP-9HY
12.8 Volt / 36 Wh (2.8 Ah) / 210 CCA
• Dimensions: 5.90″ / 3.42″ / 4.13″
• Warranty: 2 Year
Price: $124.95
Item #: PALP-20LHY
12.8 Volt / 72 Wh (5.6 Ah) / 420 CCA
• Dimensions: 6.89″” / 3.42″ / 6.10″
• Warranty: 2 Year
Price: $239.95

*Note: Product pricing is accurate at time of posting and prices may have changed. Current pricing can be reviewed before ordering.