Just Arrived: Yuasa YUA1P2AMPCH Battery Charger & Maintainer

Yuasa YUA1P2AMPCH Battery ChargerCheck out our newest arrival to Battery Mart!

We are proud to offer the Yuasa YUA1P2AMPCH Battery Charger. This is a 12 volt, 1.2 Amp automatic battery charger from the world’s leading manufacturer or powersport batteries. It is an upgrade to Yuasa’s YUA1201000 12 volt, 1 amp battery charger, providing 20% more charging power than before.

Since the YUA1P2AMPCH is an automatic charger, you’ll never have to worry about overcharging your battery. Once your battery is fully charged, the charging will automatically switch to maintenance mode. This will keep your battery topped off without any interaction on your part. Your battery will be ready to go when you are!

image of the charging leadsEach charger includes a full set of charging leads:

  • A set of ring terminals
  • A set of clips
  • A 12V plug (also known as a cigarette plug)

The cable from the charger has a quick-disconnect so you can easily attach your charger to your battery. A common use is to bolt the ring terminals to your battery and leave them attached at all times. When you’re ready to charge your battery, simply connect the charger’s quick-disconnect cable into the leads and plug the charger into the wall. When you’re done, you can just disconnect the charger from the leads and let them hang off the battery until you need them again.

Because Yuasa is known for the best powersport batteries on the market, they are meticulous in the design for the chargers they make. Yuasa understands the needs of the market and have built a charger to meet your expectations.

We enthusiastically recommended the Yuasa YUA1P2AMPCH battery charger and maintainer to all powersport owners. Whether you are charging a motorcycle battery, ATV battery, or even just a common sealed lead acid battery, we encourage you to check out this charger!

Recommended for maintaining all sizes of powersports batteries and for charging deep cycle batteries up to 12 Ah.

Order today and get free shipping. Check out the Yuasa YUA1P2AMPCH!