Showcasing Some Hard-to-Find Batteries for Devices You Didn’t Know We Offered

If you spend some time just browsing through our battery store, I believe you’ll find that we carry replacement batteries for a wide array of applications and that we work diligently to ensure that our cross reference information is up-to-date and accurate. There are a few lookups that we are commonly associated with: motorcycle batteries, sealed lead acid batteries, cordless phone batteries, and battery chargers to name a few.

It’s easy, though, to miss out of some of the lesser known batteries we carry. These batteries are held up to the same high-quality standards that we strive for, without the brand-level pricing associated with OEM batteries. Below, you’ll find a few of our categories that you may not even be aware that we had.

Cordless Razor Batteries

Cordless Razor Battery
When a cordless razor battery begins to fail, it’s noticeable; shaves are never as close, and it’s just an uncomfortable experience. Sure, you can plug it into the wall, but that can be just as irritating. We carry replacement electric shaver batteries for many razors, including those by Norelco, Braun, and Remington. We even build cordless razor battery packs in-house to help keep the prices low.

Portable Reader Batteries

Portable Reader Battery

Even if you don’t already own one, chances are you’ve at least seen advertisements for the new Amazon Kindles. These innovative devices have set a new standard in how we purchase and read. But, like many other electronic devices, these run on lithium-based batteries. If you ever need a replacement battery for your e-book reader, we have you covered.

Key Fob Batteries

Keyless Entry Battery

Just about any vehicle you can buy now comes with one of these. These usually take lithium coin cell batteries. Usually, the battery number is printed right on the battery, so you can use that as a reference to find the right replacement. Fresh batteries will keep your range at maximum (or you can just hold the remote to your head).

Hand-held Video Game Batteries

Video Game Batteries

Back in the day, these used to run on AA batteries. The original Nintendo Game Boy took four and Sega’s Game Gear took a whopping six batteries (the price of a color, back-lit screen). Nowadays, these come fitted with replaceable lithium-ion batteries. You can find replacement Nintendo DS batteries and Sony PSP batteries. For the older PSP system, we even have a larger, higher capacity PSP battery for extra runtime.

Medical Batteries

Otoscope Battery

We also carry replacement batteries for a wide array of Welch Allyn medical devices: otoscopes, diagnostic sets, thermometers, etc. Our replacement medical device batteries are guaranteed to provide reliable performance and be long lasting. All without the premium pricing that comes along with the name brand battery.

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